Bart Jawien A Senior UX | CX | X Designer, Management Consultant About

I am a Senior User Experience Designer & Lead, Solutions Architect / Management Consultant.

I understand the business of fintech, telco, banking, insurance, digital media, social media, advertising, marketing,
branding, and taking a creative, strategic and people-centric view of how to connect consumers and brands. I have a good grasp
of different types of mediating technologies that can best be used to engaging experiences where the connection happens.

I sketch technology, just like a visual creative can sketch with a pencil. I love being strategic, and the things I come
up with make sense, and it's not about technology just for the sake of technology. Having more then a decade of online
experiences I design and address real needs for people and brands.

I have a creative technological view and share a creative and inquisitive view of the world. I'm on top of technology
trends, am not afraid of coding (just as a modern visual designer isn't afraid of Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch), and take both
strategic and tactical approaches to creativity.

I also understand that we're in business, and we're solving business goals by addressing people's needs as a priority.


I specialise in product design, creative concepting, ideas and strategic thinking and technical direction
for interactive projects across web, desktop / mobile & iOS

User Experience, Solution Architecture:
- Qualitative & quantitative research
- Product XD/UX/UI/Service Design
- Building end to end customer journeys
- Creative thinking
- Pushing boundaries
- Problem solving
- Concepting, scoping, wireframing & prototyping
- Analysing data, trends and behaviours
- Using insights to creatively & strategically engage consumer and brand

Agile methodology:
- Chapter Lead
- Senior User Experience Designer
- Execute to bringing ideas to life
- Build tools, utilities and/or applications

- Driven & passionate
- Work well under pressure
- A team player


With more then a decade of working digital media industry experience, I have formed a collaborative team which assist me to
execute, however, my focus is leading programs, UX design, creative thinking, strategy and production or project management,
and bring ideas to life.

My fees are competitive and I/we only charge for the time you use.

UX Experience:
Research and focus groups, wireframing, UATesting, work-flow / customer journey and process analysis, concept disruption, risk analysis and prototyping.

Concept work-shop, research and competitor review, process analysis, planning & re-engineering processes, creative
strategy development, documentation and project scoping and budgeting, design for presentation, and pitch assistance.

Art Direction & Creative Direction, Conceptual Design, User Interface Design & User Experience, Typography,
Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Copywriting

Account direction, Functional & Technical Scoping, Budgeting & Estimating, Wireframing, Prototyping and Project

Back end & front end development, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML4, HTML5, SQL, MySQL, FLEX, JAVA,
CMS, W3C Compliance, e-Commerce & f-Commerce

Electronic Direct Marketing:
Design, Build & Testing & Distribution

AS2 & AS3, Game Development, Vector & Character Animation, Online Advertising Banner Creation (Rich & Standard)
& Pre-roll Media

Mobile Media:
SMS, iOS, Android & HTML Application Development

Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Application Development

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

24 / 7 Hour Support & Maintenance:
Code, CMS, e-Commerce, f-Commerce, Apps, Rich Media & Content Management


1980 - Born

1986 - Wrote my first Commodore 64 app and recorded it to tape
1993 - Was accepted into 3 & 4 unit computer studies for the HSC, whilst still in year 7
1994 - Downloaded 'illicit material' from BBS's and sold 3-1/2 floppy disks at school at playlunch for $5 each

1996 - Launched my first eCommerce website, where you could buy, sell & auction goods (similar to eBay today),
it was shut down by the ISP 3 months later

1997 - Hacked Ozemail and gave my entire high-school year free internet accounts & access for 12 months
- Graduated High-school
- Became a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) in C++, VB and Lotus Notes / Domino

1998 - Accepted my first job in internet security at the Australian Broadcast Corporation
- Was headhunted for a 2 year senior developer contract at the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games
2000 - Launched the Sydney Olympics 2000 broadcaster booking application globally
2001 - Was headhunted to work for Royal Sun & Alliance the insurance company as a application developer

2001 - The Dot-com crash hit Australia
2002 - Worked in hospitality
2003 - Worked in digital media recruitment

2006 - Opened Transfer a 'digital technology support' agency for agencies
2007 - Completed a Masters in Business and Technology at University of NSW
2012 - Sold Transfer to head up VeNA re:connect across Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand & Singapore
2013 - Head hunted to lead Digital Media Creative & Technology project at
2014 - Commenced role at AIME Mentoring, refocusing skills for a not-for-profit
2014 - Appointed as SABA Apparel style ambassador for #SABASTYLED creative community initiative
2014 - Engaged as Digital Executive Producer at The Works Sydney on REXONA, JIM BEAM, SKODA & REACHOUT
2014 - Opened AVOCA Ventures, The UX / CX Management Consultancy

Today, now.

I work as a Senior User Experience Designer & lead, Solutions Architect / Management Consultant direct to brand and/or agency, bringing ideas to life.
Running research sessions, creating prototypes and wireframes with a creative and strategic approach to building utilities, platforms & integrating new technologies.

Some brands I've worked with are AGOGA, Hall’s Taekwondo, Isagenix, Powerbuys, Skins, Houghton Wines, Nudie, Chris Dips, Whirlpool, John West, ME Bank,
YOURCARE, NRMA, P&G, Unilever, RSL, Appliances Online, Big Brown Box, Winning Group, SMEG, Fitness First, VideoPro, Antimall & Hitachi, Warranty Group,
4Cabling, Just Cables, Server Racks, Cable Management, SOBO Image & Photography, One Wave Is All It Takes, David Flakelar, Mia Tree, Tea Forte,
Espresso di Manfredi, Mirvac, AIME Mentoring, SABA Apparel, Jim Beam, Brother, Oroton, Rexona NZ, Rexona AU, Skoda, NRMA, Domain, Thomas Dux,,
Energy Australia, SunBeam,,,, CITI Recruitment,, Parcel Point, JOBS PLAYGROUND, eftpos, ClubMed, Back,
Apple iPhone, Apple iWatch,, Optus Help & Support Capability, Optus Chatbot and My Optus App.


The best part of being a Designer ... a day of research, crunching data, sketching, prototyping and bringing ideas to life

/AVOCA Ventures

AVOCA Ventures | The UX / CX Management Consultancy

Involvement: UX Lead, Founding Partner

Optus | My Account / Device Insurance

Involvement: UX Lead / Management Consultant

Kalmmind | Meditation APP

Involvement: UX / UI / Service Design Lead / Management Consultant

Optus | eSim Onboarding for Apple Watch

Involvement: UX Lead / Management Consultant

WeeWee | The Biodegradable Doggy Toilet

Involvement: UX / UI / Service Design Lead / Management Consultant | The Dog Barking APP Concept

Involvement: UX / UI / Service Design Lead / Management Consultant


Tipszee | Tipping APP Concept

Involvement: UX / UI / Service Design Lead / Management Consultant


I WIll DO by Rexona

Involvement: Digital Executive Production / Senior Project Direction & Resource Management


#thereslifeafter by (read: Media Release)

Involvement: Lead UX Designer / Digital Strategy + Cross Channel Planning / Digital Brand + Communication Strategy / Social Media Strategy / Creative Direction / Wordpress CMS Development
Support & Maintenance


SKODA Australia

Involvement: Lead UX Designer / Data, Insights & Performance Reporting / Digital Executive Production / Share Point K2 CMS Development, Support & Maintenance / Mobile Development

Jim Beam

Jim Beam Bourbon Beats (iOS / Android APP)

Involvement: Lead UX Designer / Tech Planning / Digital Executive Production / Scoping & Project Management / Development, Support & Maintenance


AIME Mentoring

Involvement: Digital Strategy + Cross Channel Planning / Digital Brand + Communication Strategy / Social Media Management / Creative Direction


#SABASTYLED (read: Media Release)

Involvement: Style Ambassador

Meditation Essentials

Meditation Essentials by David Flakelar

Involvement: Lead UX Designer / Business, Brand, Digital Media & Communication Strategy / Audio Production + Distribution

JustCables | eCommerce Store

Involvement: Lead UX / UI / Service Design Lead / Business + Digital Media Cross Channel Strategy

OneWaveIsAllItTakes [] [] [#flurofriday]

Involvement: Community Ambassador / Social + Digital Media Strategy


Bart Jawien
Senior User Experience Designer, Lead, Solutions Architect / Management Consultant
ABN 98 345 401 162

iPhone Facetime :+61 478 615 005

Status :Available for Senior UX / UI / Service Design project work